My name is Radosław Kintzi. I write code. Primarily in Go, but also in C, C++, JavaScript/Typescript, Python, and Lua. Below, I share some of my projects that you might find useful or interesting. If you have any questions, patches for these projects, feel free to contact me via my public inbox.

Alternatively, if you wish to contact me directly, I can be reached at my private email address: r.kintzi@gobytes.dev. However, please note that it may take me some time to respond.


An easy-to-use toolkit for prototyping, testing, and deploying LLM-based assistants. Documentation for the project is available on a dedicated page.
A content generator for swaybar/i3bar, accompanied by an easy-to-use library for creating custom widgets.
A Go library for interacting with the Sway compositor using its IPC protocol.